Selected published articles below. See also my Substack here for more throwaway stuff, usually writeups on books.

"Planet Bloomberg"

New terrains in global development

"Picking a Fight"

Architecture and extraction: friends forever

"Bricked and Mortared"

The war of hostile brothers: the macroguns of the capitalists vs. the swords of the landlords

"Justin Beal's "Sandfuture" is a tired little scrap of autofiction"

Book review

"Send in the clouds: bitcoin cities and undergrad business major fantasies"

The last time I'll ever write about 'smart cities'

"Keller Easterling’s "Medium Design" ignores the role of power in design"

Book review

"NYC’s Reopening Plans Depend on a Holy Trinity of Diners, Designers, and Capital"

Tactical urbanism has been blessed by the pandemic with its own Reichstag Fire.

"Little BIG Planet" at The Architect's Newspaper

Taking a snide little potshot at Bjarke Ingels' 'Masterplanet'.

"Around the World in 80 Minutes" at The Architect's Newspaper

A 'video game', with secret usefulness.

"Landscape Entanglements" with Joseph Heathcott at Berkeley Planning Journal

How do the boundaries between town and country disappear?

"Digital Contact Tracing is the New Smart Frontier of Urban Surveillance" at Failed Architecture

Like the title says.

"The City and the City and Coronavirus" at Failed Architecture

The city doesn't get sick and die, people do.

"Stepping Stones" at Real Life mag

By marshalling a vision of the future, Sidewalk Labs maximizes the brutality of urban work and maintenance.

"The Universal Factory" at ENQ Journal

What does it mean if data has value? A look at an ambiguous concept through the lens of Marxist political economy.

"What's a smart city supposed to look like?" on CityLab

An intro to the techno-social arguments behind the representations of smart cities

Organization and Obliteration

A review of Mario Tronti's Workers and Capital for HOMINTERN Magazine.

Yamal Events Report 2071

Collected report from NATO's OPEN EYE review of the events of the Port of Sabetta in 2071. Shown at the Slovenian pavilion in the 2019 Venice Biennale and published by Šum.

Masters thesis

Anti-intelligence: A Marxist critique of the smart city is available off of the much-dreaded academia dot edu or you can download it here: